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WildAct Vietnam


 Mahatma Gandhi


WildAct Vietnam


 Mahatma Gandhi

Who We Are

WildAct is a conservation charity and non-governmental organisation based in Vietnam. Our works dedicated to raise Vietnamese people awareness on conservation issue by providing information and education program for Vietnamese children.

We also are a memeber of Rhino Alliance.

WildAct là ai?

WildAct là tổ chức phi chính phủ hoạt động trong lĩnh vực bảo tồn động vật hoang dã và môi trường tại Việt Nam. Nhiệm vụ chính của WildAct là nâng cao nhận thức của người dân Việt Nam về vấn đề bảo tồn bằng cách phổ biến thông tin khoa học cho cộng đồng và thông qua các chương trình giáo dục bảo tồn cho trẻ em Việt Nam.

Our Aims

  • To conserve threatened species and ecosystems based on sound science
  • To provide conservation education program for young children in both rural areas and cities across the country
  • To change Vietnamese people minds through scientific evidences and local people needs
  • To cooperate with other conservation NGOs in Vietnam and other stakeholders to tackle conservation issues


Mục đích

  • Nhằm bảo tồn các loài động - thực vật hoang dã và hệ sinh thái thông qua các bằng chứng khoa học;
  • Nhằm cung cấp những chương trình giáo dục bảo tồn cho trẻ em Việt Nam ở thành phố và các khu vực miền núi;
  • Nhằm thay đổi nhận thức và thái độ của người dân Việt Nam trong việc tiêu thụ sản phẩm từ động vật hoang dã thông qua các chứng cứ khoa học và tạo kế sinh nhai cho người dân địa phương;
  • Nhằm hợp tác với những tổ chức bảo tồn trong và ngoài nước, các trường đại học, viện nghiên cứu để chống lại tội ác động vật hoang dã.

Meet Our Team

There is a small team of dedicated people at WildAct who are devoting a large chunk of their time and effort on a volunteer basis to help reduce the demand for wildlife products in Vietnam.


Trang Nguyen

Founder & executive director

Trang has long had a passion for wildlife, conservation and particularly large mammals. She finished her studies in England on Wildlife Conservation (BSc); Primate Conservation (MSc) and Conservation Leadership (MPhil). In 2010 she created a Vietnamese facebook fanpage to raise awareness and educate young Vietnamese people on the consumption of wild products. This gave her a chance of meeting like-minded people, and in 2013, WildAct was born.    

Mai Nguyen

Operation manager

Mai starts working with WildAct since 2011 on some of our small project. Growing up in Vietnam, Mai soon realised that human need to do something to protect wildlife and nature. She committed to work for WildAct to reduce the demand for wildlife products through our education programs for children. 


Ngan Bui

Operation manager

Graduated from Bentley University in the United States with a bachelor's degree in Economic, Ngan decided to come back and work in Hanoi. Ngan is keen to pursue a career that will enable her to spend time in the great outdoors surrounded by the wonders of nature. 


Linh Dao

Visual designer

Linh studied graphic design in France. She is now working in Ho Chi Minh city. Passionate about the wildlife, Linh always wanted to do something to stop animal abuse and protect wildlife. Linh started to working with Trang since 2011 and join WildAct in 2014.  Linh plays a key role in designing our communication project material, such as posters, leaflets, magazines and website.


Our Projects

Our Projects

Our Projects

Currently we are focusing on changing Vietnamese people attitude and behaviour toward wildlife.
Our projects encourage young Vietnamese to get involve in our conservation activities. 


Social trade network in Vietnam

Survey were conducted from Oct 2015 - April 2016. 46 Facebook accounts, with 2490
advertisements and 26498 wildlife products were found.


Follow the Rhino

Early February 2014, we launched a campaign aimed to Vietnamese owners of restaurants, shops and hostels from the North to the South of the country to sign a commitment that they will not consume, store or trade any wildlife products.


Royal Rhinos - online game

Our founder- Trang Nguyen was featured on an popular online game to promote the protection of rhinos in the wild. 



Tusk to tail: the other half of the trade

The open trade of jewellery made of elephant tail hair in South Africa, Vietnam and Cambodia.


Cycling for Rhinos - Da Nang city

Almost 50 young Vietnamese students joined the Dahl family from South Africa for a four days cycling in Da Nang to raise the local awareness on the rhino horn consumption.

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Rhino Art

Rhino Art is a painting competition for children. Started in South Africa, this project is now spread globally. This is the first year Vietnam join Rhino Art, and we are proud to bring Rhino Art to Vietnam. 

Vietnamese doctors join hand to save the rhino

WildAct aims to encourage doctors and nurses to give out advice to patients and patients family not to consume rhino horns. We hope to reach wider audiences through this work.


TYDV E-Magazine

"I love animals" magazine has been established to provide young Vietnamese people with scientific evidences and information on wild plants and wild animals. Different volume dedicated to a different environmental or biological issues. The newest edition, Volume III is dedicated to African rhinos. 

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Let Us Hear Your Voice

"Let us hear your voice" is a raising awareness campaign to involve young Vietnamese people to speak out for the conservation of Africa rhinos. 


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Our partners


Our partners


Friends of WildAct



United for Wildlife

United for Wildlife (UfW) is an unprecedented collaboration between seven of the largest international conservation organisations, brought together by HRH The Duke of Cambridge and supported by the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry

Helping Rhinos

Helping Rhinos is a UK based charitable organisation with a dual focus "Creating awareness of the issues threatening the global rhino population and raising funds to help protect them for future generations”. 

Kingsley Holgate Foundation

Kingsley Holgate Foundation is an NGO based in South Africa. Their aim is to improve local livelihood and protecting endangered species such as rhino. 


Breaking the Brand - Nia's friend

Nia's purpose is to lead the campaign to stop rhino poaching. It is being poached because of its symbolic value in Vietnam.

Humane Society International

Humane Society International (HSI) works on animal protection issues around the world. HSI is currently working with us on the Rhino Art project. 


One More Generation (OMG)

OMG is a NGO started back in 2009 by two enterprising students who are trying to save endangered species and clean up our environment for at least One More Generation... and beyond.


Our Volunteers

Volunteers make the world go round

We have the cause. You have the effect

Our Volunteers

Volunteers make the world go round

We have the cause. You have the effect

Diem Phuc

Phuc is a last year student at University of Science and Technology of Hannoi. Her dream is to become a conservationist, and she has been working hard towards her goal. She hopes to work with WildAct for a long term. 



Kieu Trang

Trang is a student at Hanoi Open University. With a huge passion and love for wildlife, she works with WildAct to reduce the demand for wildlife products in Vietnam. Trang also hopes to work with WildAct for a long term. 


Thuy Linh

Linh is a law student, she participates in volunteer network for wildlife protection for almost two years. Linh cried when she watched a documentary film on how animals were killed for human greed. Understanding the importance of wildlife protection, she wants to contribute her time and effort to reduce the demand for wildlife products in Vietnam.



Tien is an university student. Inspired by wildlife documentary, she loves wildlife and wants to join conservation organisation effort to conserve wild animals.


Hanh Jen

Hanh is a 23 years old Hanoian. She cares about wildlife conservation. She registered to be a volunteer at WildAct and always try her best in all their activities. She hope to improve Vietnamese people knowledge and attitudes toward wildlife.


Thu Thao

Thao is currently a high school student at HNUE High School. She has shown such great love for animals and wildlife since she was a child. After reading an article on how pangolins were killed for human's demands, she decided to take action. She hopes to devote her small effort to the wildlife conservation campaign in Vietnam