Hanoi, 29.12. 2014 - WildAct organised a seminar with doctors, nurse and hospital staff at Hanoi Obstetrics and gynecology (HOGH), with support from Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and materials supported by TRAFFIC Greater Mekong.

The seminar brought together 50 doctors, nurses and hospital staff from different departments. Together, this group learned about the rhino crisis, what it takes to save the rhino in Africa, the reason behind rhino poaching and what they can do to help.


The seminar will promote collaboration on efforts to protect wildlife by addressing illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade by supporting the conservation of natural resources for the sustainable development of Viet Nam.

WildAct and HOGH aims to encourage doctors and nurses to give out advice to patients and patients family not to consume rhino horns, based on the fact that rhino horn is NOT medicine, and that to protect rhinos, many reserves and NPs in Africa already infused rhino horn with toxic, which can cause health damaged to the consumers.



Through this event, many doctors have shared their own stories and thoughts on the rhino horns issue. WildAct and HOGH hope to reach out to the owners of pharmaceutical shops in the nearby areas to encourage the shops to express their support for this work.

Posters with a clear advice from HOGH doctors to the patients and patient families will be hang up in the hospital next week.


Media contacts:

WildAct Vietnam: Nguyen Thuc Linh, +84 966 818 264, linh.nguyen@wildact-vn.org

WildAct Vietnam are a new local conservation NGO based in Vietnam, established in 2013. Our works dedicated to raise Vietnamese people awareness on conservation issue by providing information and education program for Vietnamese children. Our website:www.wildact-vn.org