Thu Minh - a famous Vietnamese singer - recently uploaded a picture of a rhino being killed in South Africa and called on people to stop buying rhino horn. She said in her Facebook page:

"Dear everyone, 

Within these 2 days there are many "share" of this picture on Facebook but it seems like many people don't understand why we should say "No" to rhino horn together. The last rhino has been killed in Vietnam because people want to use rhino horn. If no one wants to use rhino horn then no one will kill it and they won't go extinct. Furthermore, rhino horn is NOT medicine, it won't cure any disease. This will only push the rhino to extinction, and once they go extinct, it will be too late. We won't be able to do anything to save them again. 

My husband is working in South Africa and he said the people in this country started not buying any items made from Vietnam. If we don't use rhino horn anymore, then we will gain reputation for our country again. Let share it to everyone"

This is a great news. Thank you Thu Minh for your message! 

Dan Uyen