The Police Department of Environmental Crime Prevention (PC49) provided information that the unit of Quang Nam Provincial Police coordinating with the provincial Market Management, ranger of Nui Thanh district detected a new base of wildlife trading. 

Through checking the trading business of cattle and poultry meat, owned by Phuong Hong Le (28 years old, resident of block 4, Nui Thanh town, Nui Thanh district), the authorities detected six wildlife individuals that had been butchered, frozen, waiting for consumption. These included three roe-deers and three hedgehogs, weighing approximately 50 kg.

The authorities made records for administrative violations to the owner and seized all of the meat for further processing. Earlier, on 01/11, PC49 also detected many households in Tam Dan village, Phu Ninh district trading live wildlife. The authorities seized nearly 30 kg of snakes, 16 kg of tortoises, 1 musk-cat, and 40 kg of boar meat.

As the demand of the rich in Vietnam has increased, many wild animals have been hunted and traded. Hopefully, the authorities of Vietnam will do their best and Vietnamese people will give their hands to prevent these naive lives from being killed.

Nadie Yen Tran