"Gosh, daddy forced me to take rhino horn... It tasted so disgusting..."

This is a facebook status update by a Vietnamese girl, probably from a very rich family in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

She is currently a Director's assistance at Sao Ngoc Company. The company website can be found here (in English).

This girl have nearly 5000 friends on her friendlist and nearly 5000 followers. Within 1 hour after her status update, she got more than 20 likes for this status and many comments. 

None of these comments mention the effect of rhino horn, or asking her and her family to stop consuming rhino horn. 

We transferred her information to the law enforcement department, as buying/consuming rhino horn is an illegal activity, against the Vietnamese law in protecting endangered species. 

Let wait and see what will happen. 

More details on this case will be updated.

Meanwhile, feel free to send her a message and ask her and her family to stop being stupid: 

Dan Uyen