Last time, together we have successfully required Webtretho forum, one of the most favored forums to take every threads relating to “Rhino horns trading” down. At the moment, we continue to pursuit the quest of searching every related posts on other Vietnamese websites in order to stop illegal rhino horns trafficking.

It turns out that,, a free forum that was voluntarily established since 2006 for the aim of creating a place for car lovers to exchange knowledge and information, has various threads involving in wildlife trades, especially rhino horns trade. 

This is just one in so many other posts and stories.

A man nicknamed “vanessa”, claimed that he has been living in Angola - Africa for 5 years, posted the whole process of his travel for 330 km buying rhino horns with his other 3 friends in Angola. This post lasted for 14 pages and received 136 replies. He also said that he could help people to make visa to Angola and other Africa countries. Many people asked if he could send these horns to Vietnam and some others directly advertised theirs rhino horns & left phone numbers for contacting.

Nickname “a_cheng” commented: 
“I want to sell 2 rhino horns, each cost  relatively US $10,000. Pm me for more information or I will trade with a Kia Morning car. :”>”

Another ad from nickname “haibanh12”:
“I have a small rhino horn that I want to sell due to financial problem. It can truly cure hangover. Call me if you need it. 0918000828. I live in Hanoi. Thanks.”

Most of the other people complimented that he ( “vanessa”) has had such a terrific trip and wondered about rhino horns’ libido enhancement & detoxification effect. Some guys assured rhino horns’ miracle ability in treating seemingly incurable diseases:
“… It is true that rhino horns can cure diseases but I am not sure which is better, Africa rhino horns or Asia ones. My father had myasthenia gravis. His eyelids kept falling down and his blood pressure peaked. He choked on food frequently. He has received various treatments from acupuncture to conventional medicines but they did not work out for him.  Luckily, my mother’s friend offered him a rhino horn which was brought all the way from Cambodia to Vietnam. He grinded it for 20-30 mins and drank the solution in 30 days straight. Until now, he is stronger than ever, just like he gains his youth again.” Nickname “huunhan2k” commented.

“Vanessa” confirmed rhino horns' only effect are detoxification and curing hangover. He also guided the correct method of grinding rhino horns:
 “Use “Bat Trang” specially made porcelain bowl that has a rough bottom. Add a little water into the bowl, about half a small shot glass cup. You keep grinding for about 30 minutes until the water turns into a milky solution. It will look a little pinky, and be smelly...”
Though many people insisted him to send these horns to Vietnam but he refused since he acknowledged it is illegal and did not want to be captured by police.

However, one even claimed that it was possible to smuggle rhino horns into Vietnam:
“It can be brought back to Vietnam. I have a friend whom has been to Angola for several times. He went hunting indeed since he had the contact with a guy living there. As they drove to a separated are, they shot rhinos by carbine gun then took their horns & skins. The skins were believed to bring them good luck and keep the wild beasts away. Right after that, he signed on the horns, gave it to the guy, and later received it back in Hanoi. I myself received my own 2 horns and bought saw & precision weighing balance to split it to others. The rhino skins have to be cut into pieces that are half of a match box.” Nickname “texu” commented.

Here is a shorter version of "Vanessa" story:

“Africa nature is basically wild & free. It’s 4 times larger than Vietnam but its population is roughly 15 mil, being equivalent to one sixth of Vietnam’s. The Vietnamese community living in Angola has approximately 5000 people, many of them do small businesses without license like selling clothes, copy & print business, motorcycle parts stores, … Everyday, many Vietnamese who want to enter Angola were caught without reason and be put in jail.

The above is the general clue for you guys to picture the situation more easily, here is the main information:

"This is the map of Angola. I have travelled from Benguela to Huambo to purchase a rhino horn."

I received a phone call describing a rhino horn, and I agreed to buy it with the price of US $5000. Me and my other friends set off quickly after. It took almost 10 hours to get to the destination since the 330km road was covered with so much dirt and potholes.
As there were a few deers on the meadow, I jumped off the Land Cruiser and took my gun out, however, I missed and they fleed..:p:p:p:p:p 
When it was getting darker, I caught this one (a python), which probably weighed around 9.6 kg. This was a python, not a snake. While it was crawling across the street then I used my front wheels to crash on his head and his body all over again. It struggled so hard that I had to get off my car and used the stone to smash it several times. Actually, I have tried to kill pythons many times before but I failed since they were so strong and finally fleed away. Until now, I earned this experience. Usually, when I drove at night here, I came across a lot of wild animals.

Rhino horns and diamonds could only be bought secretly and it was quite hard to bring back to Vietnam since they were scarce & pricy and be closely monitored by the government.

These are my guns, I used to travel for long distance then I usually keep up to 3 loads of bullets in my car. Since I am not a pro hunter, I miss all the time. JJ :p:p:p. I did not bought these guns but I accidentally found them in a abandoned warehouse probably belongs to a radio station or a military communication station. I have no idea but I also found documents regarding the airing schedule. There were various types of weapons here: AK – 47 with folding butt, 2 TNT bomb dynamite, 2 grenades, detonators,… I kept the gun and bullets only and discreetly since I didn’t want the police to take them away…

Here are some of the very first pictures of the rhino horns:


After taking photos, we decided to saw it into 4 equally parts

The horn's tip

Take a closer look, still have hairs on it. It weight around 8 kg.

It was so hard that we have to change to a bigger saw.

The horn's bottom

Above is the story of a Vietnamese man which has been publicly posted and openly discussed on, a well known website forum.

Here is the link of this thread:

Other threads in otofun forum and other forums involving wildlife trade:

Please give a helping hand by sending an email to otofun forum admin requesting them to take down every posts that related to illegal wildlife trade via this link:

Please bear in mind that this is only ONE thread among what we have found. There are possibly so many others that have not yet been discovered.

Thuc Linh


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