Rooservelt's barking deer - a species of deer has been announced as extinct in the wild in the last 85 years has been rediscovered at Xuan Lien Nature Reserve, Vietnam. 

The Roosevelt’s Barking Deer (Muntiacus rooseveltorum) is one of the most poorly known mammal species in the world. Since it was described as a new species in the early 20th century, no records have been reported until its rediscovery in Laos based on the molecular data derived from hunting trophies by the end of the century. However, after the type specimen was collected during the Kelley-Roosevelts and Delacour Asiatic expeditions, this species has never again been observed by scientists. It has been recorded merely from three isolated localities in Laos based on the type and specimens from hunted animals, although there was an unconfirmed report that it occurred in central Vietnam.

This species is currently listed under the data deficient category in the IUCN Red list. According to Nguyen Dinh Hai, director of the nature reserve, a group of scientist from National University have been carrying out research on the distribution and population of different deers species at the nature reserve since 2012. Recently, they have found the deer's feacal samples and the deer's horn being kept at local people house as trophy. Most of all, they also got a picture of two individuals from the camera traps set at the nature reserve. 

DNA results from the feacal and horn sample show that its belong to the Roosevelt's barking deer (Muntiacus rooseveltorum).

Dan Uyen