Stylist: Đinh Thanh Long, Photographer: Lê Thiện Viễn.

Stylist: Đinh Thanh Long, Photographer: Lê Thiện Viễn.

We are very excited to announce that after two months of running Rhino Art Vietnam

* We have visited 14 secondary schools and high schools in Hanoi and 2 schools in Ho Chi Minh city to give a "Rhino Talk" and introducing Rhino Art competition to the students;

* We received more than 800 paintings so far, estimating we will get >1000 by the end of the competition (scheduled on 20th July). 

* Not just giving a talk at different schools in Vietnam, we also organised a "WildTalk" to the public in Hanoi on Friday 27th May, with guest speaker from Humane International Society (Teresa Telecky). There were over 100 people involved in our "WildTalk" section and 10 young Vietnamese signed up to be our volunteers and promise to work to against rhino horn consumption in Vietnam. 

* Rhino Art Vietnam has been on the Vietnam national news:

* Vietnamese celebrity Thu Minh join our Rhino Art program and supporting us by introducing Rhino Art competition and calling Vietnamese people to stop consuming rhino horn. 

* 3000 copies of Rhino magazine were distributed freely to Vietnamese students aged 13 - 17. 

There are still loads to be done, but we are optimistic as the young generation of Vietnam are acting together to save the African rhino. 

Thank you very much for your support!!!