For our Vietnamese New Year campaign WildAct is delighted to be able to join forces with Beaking the Brand.  WildAct team have created a fantastic initiative to be rolled out for the New Year celebrations. Our red envelopes raise awareness about the impact of purchasing wildlife products, which is particularly important given the demand for these products increases at this time of year.


In Vietnam and other Asian society, red envelope plays an important role at social and family gathering, such as the Traditional Lunar New Year.  In Vietnam, red envelopes are used to give lucky money to children or elders in the family. They are generally given by adults, where a greeting offering health and longevity is exchanged by the young. WildAct’s specially designed red envelopes have massages that call for people to stop consuming rhino horn and ivory.

10,000 red envelopes have been distributed throughout Vietnam for the Lunar New Year event. By using our red envelope, a message on the rhino horn/ivory consumption will also be distributed to their family members, friends and relatives. A QR code has been placed at the back of the envelope, where user can scan with their smartphone and the code will take them to our website to learn more about elephant and rhino crisis in Africa. We hope people will be aware of the crisis in the Lunar New Year, especially the demand for wildlife products tend to be at its highest in the festive season

By giving these envelopes to your work colleagues, family members and friends over the holiday period you will be helping to raise the profile of rhino and elephant poaching which is decimating these magnificent animals in both Africa and Asia and driving them to extinction in the wild.