According to traditional Chinese medicine, rhino horn is a popular and essential medicine for acute or critical illness. However, rhinos have been on the verge of extinction, which means this medicine is nearly impossible to find; therefore, the buffalo horn can be used instead.

Previously, in the market, rhino horns have been divided in to 2 types: Asian rhino horn and African rhino horn. In the past, there are many rhinos in our Vietnam but now all of them have almost disappeared.  

In terms of functionality, rhino horn is a kind of medication which can be combined with other medical materials to reduce high fever, enhance blood quality, cure haemorrhage, convulsion, and coma, and enhance sexual performance and detoxification. Nowadays, rhino is an endangered species in Red Book and hunting them is banned. Using rhino horn as a medication becomes impossible, so buffalo horn is an alternative.

Buffalo horn is available medication for thousands of years in the countryside and is used to cure headache due to weather change, high fever and detoxification. There are many modern medical researches proving benefits of buffalo horns. According to many researches in Shenghai, Beijing and other cities in China, both rhino horns and buffalo horns have 17 acid amines and their organic and inorganic composition are basically similar. 

According to clinical researches’ results in 3270 patients at 50 research centers in Beijing, Shenghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, scientists affirmed that using buffalo horn and rhino horn basically brings the same effects for 30 diseases such as:  epidemic encephalitis, high fever, haemorrhage due to thrombocytopenia, schizophrenia and so on. 

 Furthermore, buffalo horn do not cause side effects, only some special cases get nausea, abdominal distension, and other minor problems related to digestion. According to “modern Chinese practical medicine” by Quach Lan Trung, buffalo horn has some health benefits such as:

  •  good for heart by reducing blood pressure and heart rate
  • reduce quantity of leucocyte, shorten the time of blood clotting, prevent the development of colibacillus, beta hemolytic streptococcus and infection.
  • reduce the convulsion intensity and death rate in laboratory animals 
  • reduce cholesterol in blood.

It should be born in mind that buffalo horn is hard but it softens after steaming and easily to be cut in slices or combine with other medication, or grind it with water to drink.

Huong Mai