More opportunities to build capability for WildAct's communication officers by Synchronicity Earth.

In early June, with the Synchronicity Earth’s sponsorship, Thu Bui - WildAct’s communications and fundraising officer, and Chris Scarffe, the wildlife documentary director, documented and photographed occurrences for ten days at the WildAct's project site.  Additionally, they also met and interviewed members of the local communities that WildAct worked with in order to convey stories of Vietnam's wilderness.

Under the guidance of director Chris Scarffe, Thu Bui got the chance to practice field filming, conducting interviews, analyzing scripts, and working closely with locals to efficiently record the process. As a result, enhancing ability and proficiency in filmmaking and photography methods as well as offering a more profound comprehension of the documentary film sector.

The project also offers the chance to create short videos and visuals highlighting and publicizing WildAct's initiatives. Thus, making a favorable impact on the public's understanding of the outcomes and improvements brought about by ecosystem conservation initiatives in the Animate Range biodiversity area.

We are grateful to Synchronicity Earth, director Chris Scarffe, Chu Yang Sin National Park rangers, and the locals who joined the film crew to capture the natural beauty and cultural richness of this place. We hope that the photos taken during this trip will serve as an effective means of promoting WildAct and Synchronicity Earth's conservation initiatives. As a result, helping to preserve this significant Animate Range ecoregion's biodiversity and legacy.