Partnership and Development


Despite positive changes made in conservation, the threats facing our planet grow by the day and affect every single one of us. Addressing conservation challenges takes time, expertise, and resources that no single organisation or individual can fulfil. To achieve lasting conservation success, local conservation NGOs like WildAct need contributions, collaborations, and partnerships among different sectors and industries, from the government, local communities to corporations, media, and individual supporters. Cross-sectoral collaboration and partnerships can stimulate the exchange of learning, experience, expertise, and resources, and therefore, create more positive impact for biodiversity and benefits to the mission of not only WildAct but all the collaborators and partners.


Partnerships take a variety of forms, technically, and financially. It can be a collaboration among inter-sectoral organisations in developing, delivering, and evaluating conservation interventions. It can be a support in building capacity and organisational development. It can also be the funding given via grant proposals for the organisations to run their proposed projects, or an individual donation to support the organisation’s conservation work. WildAct is grateful to the generosity from all individuals and organisations. 

WildAct seeks to build a long-term partnership with individuals and organisations from inter-industries and inter-disciplines to achieve our shared Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and WildAct’s mission toward wildlife conservation. Learn how you can partner with us.

What we do

1. Collaborating in Conservation Sector 

Aiming to create collective and long-lasting impacts for conservation, WildAct’s programs have been strategically designed and employed participatory approaches to involve as many as individuals and organisations working in conservation sectors in Vietnam. Depending on each program, they play important roles as trainers, guest speakers, co-hosts, trainees, and participants. WildAct thanks them for their participation, support, and collaborations which benefit not only program participants but also their organisations and conservation practices as a whole. Capacity building and gender-based programs are ongoing.

2. Involving Business Sector into Conservation

There are 20 national parks and 14 nature reserves in Vietnam. Adjacent to these areas are poor households whose livelihoods depend on the surrounding ecosystems. These communities have had strong cultural and spiritual ties to the forest for generations. More than anyone, they understand that forest protection is important to their lives and they need to preserve nature in return. 

3. Raising Fund for Hands-on Practices

We are living in an age of ecological crises of environmental pollution, climate change, habitat destruction, species decline and extinction. WildAct thanks to those who value the natural world and are keen to ease the crisis by supporting WildAct either way over the past 9 years. General donations and fundings from individuals, trusts, and foundations have been supporting WildAct to design and deliver hands-on practices in the vital habitat of our target animals and illegal wildlife trade hotspot.

n order to increase unrestricted funding to support the species, habitat, and communities outside the scope of granted proposals, WildAct runs a Fundraise for Us program. Diverse individuals, groups, and organisations can run fundraising events and activities to send the money raised to WildAct. So far, the program has received enthusiastic participation from corporates and youth groups such as Binh Thuan Plastic Group Joint Stock Company, Protect our Planet Group, and Green Hearts Group. In addition, we also receive support from many individuals through various forms of fund-raising such as: selling artwork, selling books, selling food, organizing birthday parties, etc.

4. Building Long-term Partnership amongst Sectors

Cross-sectoral collaboration and partnerships are vital to address ecological crises for a harmonious living environment for humans and nature. WildAct seeks long-term partnership in the form of financial sponsorship, technical sponsorship, socially responsible products and services, research and conservation practice partnerships.

If you desire to partner with WildAct beyond those partnership options, please contact Trang Nguyen, WildAct’s Founder and Director, email: for further discussion. 

5. Collaboration in WildAct’s other programs

Most WildAct’s conservation interventions take place inside and around the vital habitat of our targeted endangered species. We closely collaborate with local partners in project planning, implementation, and evaluation. They support WildAct with paperwork, connect WildAct to local communities and authorities, and provide WildAct with local expertise and resources.

WildAct’s current local partners include Chu Yang Sin National Park and Yok Don National Park (Dak Lak Province); Tuyen Hoa District People's Committee (Quang Binh Province); Pu Mat National Park (Nghe An Province); Department of Forest Protection and Department of Education and Training (Ninh Binh Province). In addition, WildAct has received support from Vietnam Association of National Park and Protected Area (VNPPA) as a governing agency of the organisation. WildAct and VMPPA are discussing some initiatives to support the work and welfare of rangers and officers working in protected areas in Vietnam

Partner with us

You can partner with us in many ways and make a contribution to creating a harmonious living environment for humans and nature.