Report wildlife crime

Report by Telephone

Report wildbird illegal activities

If you observe wild birds being sold or kept in captivity in restaurants, markets, hotels, or elsewhere in Vietnam, please report it to WildAct Vietnam. Examples of things to report include:

  • A restaurant illegally advertising wild birds on their menu or on a sign;

  • Wild birds being kept illegally in captivity;
    Birds displayed illegally in cages at a hotel or outside a business;

  • A illegal shipment of wild birds being transported on a bus, train, or aeroplane;
    Wild birds for sale illegally at a market;

  • A person keeping a wild bird as a pet illegally.

To report any of these activities, you can contact WildAct Vietnam via our hotline. You can choose to remain anonymous or provide your contact details so they can keep you informed of the outcome of the case you have reported. 

Thank you for helping us protect wild birds in Vietnam

Transfer or rescue animals

If you want to transfer or urgently rescue animals:
Pangolins, otters, civets or leopard cats

Feel free to call  Save Vietnam Wildlife via hotline

Report time sensitive information

If the information you are providing is time sensitive such as live animals being transported or for sale on the street, please immediately contact our National Wildlife Crime Hotline

Please be aware the ENV Wildlife Crime Hotline operates during ENV office hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:30 pm (Vietnam time)

Report online

If you prefer to report wildlife crime online, you can fill out a form on the website of ENV. The forms are designed to be easy to use and allow you to provide detailed information about the incident you witnessed or suspect.

Emailing ENV at with following information:

  • Your name

  • Your contact (email, phone, address)

  • Detailed location of crime

  • Time and Date of crime

  • Details regarding the crime

How you can help

There are many other ways you can help protect Vietnam's wildlife. Some suggestions include: