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Ms. Hua Trang

Participant in WildAct Challenge

“WildAct Challenge has formed good habits in me, contributed to my self-improvement, and helped me realise my mission. The past time has been the most beautiful and meaningful time for me. After taking the challenge, I feel grateful because I have done something useful for society. I will do my best to protect the environment and also inspire others to act with me.”

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thuong

Member of Langurs Conservation Group

“Although there was a time I broke my leg because of the slippery and dangerous mountain road, I still love this job. Thanks to the support of WildAct, we have been greatly encouraged and no longer face so many difficulties in conservation.”

Mr. Loc Xuan Nghia

Director of Chu Yang Sin National Park

"Through the "Empowering Women In Conservation" Closing event, I had the opportunity to discuss with participants from conservation organisations to acquire knowledge and experience to serve the conservation work at our National Park."