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We believe benevolence resides in every one of us. We believe 100 million acts of benevolence ensure a safe future for Vietnam’s wildlife. To that end, we need to find heroes for our wildlife. We believe the heroes lie in all of us who are taking every small action to treasure and protect what the earth has endowed us. A harmonious and equitable planet for humans and nature is all of our quest.

Sprout of the Forest

The campaign calling on the community to join hands to raise 10 scholarships to support education for the sprout of Chu Yang Sin forest.

$392 of $4,000 raised.

Pledge to Protect Our Winged Travelers

WildAct calls on the community to join the online pledge campaign to sign for protecting migratory birds. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a brighter future for our avian friends.

31 of 5000 people signed.

Support WildLibrary project

WildAct also operates a WildLibrary, which is an essential resource for educating and inspiring the public about the importance of wildlife conservation. The library provides access to books and materials related to biodiversity, ecosystem conservation, and endangered species. Your donation helps us buy books on WildLibrary educating children dwelling in the National Park area on the importance of conservation and sustainable livelihoods.

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Anti-poaching patrols:

In Vietnam, wildlife trafficking is a major issue, and many species are at risk of extinction due to poaching. WildAct's anti-poaching patrols aim to protect wildlife by preventing poaching activities. The organisation works with local communities to train and equip community patrol teams to monitor and protect wildlife, particularly endangered species. Your donation help fund for community patrol team to protect wildlife from poachers

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Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation:

In addition to anti-poaching efforts, WildAct operates a bird rescue centre, which provides medical care and rehabilitation for injured or sick wild birds. The rescue centre works to reintroduce the birds back into the wild once they are healthy.Your donation help us care for and rehabilitate injured or confiscated animals

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Partner with us

Together we save our wildlife.


Professional Volunteers Program/Consultant

Join our Professional Volunteers Program and contribute your skills to help protect wildlife and their habitats. As a volunteer, you'll have the opportunity to work alongside experienced conservationists, researchers, and educators, and gain hands-on experience in the field of wildlife conservation.

Support Volunteers

If you don't have specific expertise but are passionate about wildlife conservation and want to support our staff in running our activities and events, you can apply to be a support volunteer. Support volunteers will work on various tasks, such as preparing to assist with outreach programs, or helping with administrative tasks.

Report wildlife crime

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Key rings


Get a cute and eco-friendly key ring made from recycled materials. Each key ring features a different animal and helps raise awareness for wildlife conservation.

Student notebooks


Our student notebooks are perfect for young wildlife enthusiasts. They feature fun animal designs and are made from sustainable materials.

Wildlife board game


Send your loved ones a special message with our wildlife cards. Each card features a beautiful animal design and the proceeds go towards protecting wildlife.

Honey for wildlife - BEEWILD


Enjoy delicious honey while supporting the local conservation committee at Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh. Our honey is sustainably sourced and the profits are used to protect the Ha Tinh Langur.