Become a partner with us. Together we save our wildlife

Why partner with WildAct

As a not-for-profit organization, we focus on lasting change for our nature and communities through sustainable solutions.  

You can partner with us in many ways and make a contribution to creating a harmonious living environment for humans and nature.

What make WildAct an ideal partner

We’re transparent as all our financial reports are publicised on our website and are annually audited internally & externally. All of our programmes are regularly monitored to ensure efficient use of funds. You can access to our financial reports Here.

You can help us go a long way in our fight to protect our wildlife animals and to engage local communities in wildlife conservation.
You’re welcome to explore below partnership options

If the partnership options available do not suit you, please email us at and we will discuss new ways of working together to conserve our wildlife animals.

Forms of partnership

WildAct Vietnam believes in the increasing participation of businesses in nature conservation actions. Regardless of sizes, you play a key role in our wildlife conservation responses.

Financial sponsorship, technical sponsorship, socially responsible products and services, internal mobilization and research partnerships are just some of the ways in which we can get involved and work together to help save our at-risk ecosystem.

Financial sponsorship

You can provide financial support to help us: build national capacity for effective conservation; utilize scientific approaches to conserve threatened species and ecosystems; provide conservation education programs for young children in both rural areas and cities across the country and make a change in Vietnamese people’s perception of wildlife and the importance of wildlife conservation.

The diversity of these issues and our focus areas means we can work together to identify a project that matches your desire to help.

The Intrepid Foundation

Since 2022, The Intrepid Foundation (TIF) has partnered with WildAct Vietnam in various programs on migratory birds and wildlife conservation. Funding from the Intrepid Foundation supports WildAct’s School and Community Program to advance and expand WildAct’s progress with the local schools in Ninh Binh Province, providing the local children with the opportunity to learn, experience, observe wild birds in nature and thus, develop their love for nature.

Vinschool Primary School - Times City

Also in 2022, Vinschool Primary School - Times City in Hanoi donated to help WildAct establish 2 wildlife libraries in Phu Loc town, Hue. We want to replicate this wildlife library to many other areas, especially in schools near national parks, protected areas. We want to provide more access to books about nature, environment, wild animals and plants to children. We believe they are the people who will shape the future of wildlife.

Technical Sonsorship

Your employees, experts and professionals can join our team at our head office in Hanoi and on the ground, on both short and medium term projects. You can provide training programs to help WildAct staff improve their professional capacity; design, consult and implement our projects across Vietnam. We believe that a different person with a different perspective will help us refresh and improve our work and effort in wildlife conservation. This is a good opportunity for them to work in a different and extremely fulfilling environment. Additionally, it’s a chance for you to communicate a message to your customers and all interested parties about a high-impact, win-win partnership.

Your expertise will help expand our team, enrich our corporate culture, develop new activities and strategies and improve our organisation.

The EAGLE Network

WildAct Vietnam and the EAGLE Network collaborates to train Asian wildlife crime investigators. The trained investigator will then travel to African countries – where the EAGLE Network operates, to provide field investigation support when required. This collaboration will be valuable for enforcement in both Vietnam and Africa in the effort to end illegal wildlife crimes.

Internal mobilisation campaign

You can mobilise funding from your employees in your organisation, either on all year round basis or event-based. These activities not only contribute to raising awareness of employees in your organisation about the importance of protecting wildlife, but also demonstrate the social responsibility of each individual and organisation.

To help you manage this activity, we’ll send you a mobilisation kit suitable with your particular needs, including communication tools, an online donation module bearing your corporate livery, and a monthly donation tracker, etc. Our team will visit your business to talk to you about the impact of the actions that your fundraising has made possible.

Socially responsible products and services

You can spend a portion of the sale price of one of your products or services to WildAct Vietnam. Alternatively, you can also offer a donation option when you are dealing with customers’ requests for your products or services. Straightforward and unifying, this type of partnership responds to a socially responsible consumer demand that is ever-increasing, enhancing value for all those involved.

This partnership may reduce your margins. However, it will help boost your reputation and make yourself standout among competitors. In the end, it’s believed to increase sales, attract new customers, enhance their loyalty and strengthen your employees’ commitment.


The MoMo all-in-one app has supported us in launching crowdfunding campaigns through the MoMo Charity Wallet to encourage the participation of the young generation of Vietnam in taking action for nature conservation. Through MoMo, users can easily donate and contribute to conservation efforts in Vietnam

The Intrepid Foundation

The Intrepid Foundation also helps us spread the word and raises money for WildAct Vietnam’s cause via their website. Donations made through The Intrepid Foundation directly support the work of WildAct educational programs that aim to stop the illegal hunting of threatened migratory birds.

Research partnerships

At WildAct Vietnam, we have a team of professionals, researchers, experts and volunteers who are always happy to help you implement your sustainable development and research policies. We can assist in designing conservation research methodology and help develop nature intervention technologies.

Increasingly involved in research on wildlife conservation, WildAct Vietnam forges partnerships with both public and private sector players, enabling them to play a highly practical role in improving how we respond to our planet.

Our partnership will help us bring more inclusive opportunities to individuals and communities to actively participate in the management and conservation of natural resources.

Please get in touch with us! We want to discuss the areas best suited to both your expertise and the needs on the ground, as well as what form operations should take.