Over the past 3 months, more than 50 traps and hunting camps have been dismantled during a 100km forest patrol.

In the last 3 months, our Community Conservation Team (CCT) has patrolled 3 different areas in Chư Yang Sin National Park. Over 20 hotspots were identified and patrolled. The team discovered more than 50 animal traps and various hunter camps, predominantly snare traps, along with an additional 3 toothed-jaw traps retrieved. Furthermore, the CCT team also recorded sightings of several wild animal species during the forest patrol. 

The team discovered more than 50 animal traps

Despite the challenging journey through the forest, all team members are extremely pleased with our work. The CCT team is excited to have detected traces of wild animals during the forest patrol. Witnessing them firsthand is an indescribable feeling. This inspires us, making the team feel that our work is very meaningful. It's the primary motivation that enables us to continue with forest patrols, despite the high risk to our lives, and even for those with years of experience, perseverance is not guaranteed. 

Members aspire to contribute to the conservation of wild animals in Chư Yang Sin National Park and to the protection of Vietnam's nature in general. Additionally, our team aims to convey messages about nature conservation to the local community because we recognize the importance of understanding and empathy from those who heavily depend on mountainous forest nature. The CCT team wants to raise awareness of protecting wild animal species in Chư Yang Sin through our work. For the sake of future generations, we must protect this place. 

Let's join WildAct in contributing to the protection of endangered wild animal species and combating illegal hunting in the Trường Sơn mountain range."