[WildAct x Panyaden International School] Students and Parents from Panyaden International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand, donated over $700 USD to support WildAct conservation efforts.

During a recent visit by the author Chang Wild and the kids from Panyaden school, the WildAct team not only shared inspirational stories from the books but also hosted engaging interactive activities.  These efforts provided a worthwhile and pleasurable experience, helping students understand the significance of wildlife conservation for the ecosystem and wilderness. 

Students listen attentively inspirational stories from Ms. Trang Nguyen .

In addition to the library space, second and third grade students at Panyaden received lectures on the journey of nature conservation from Ms. Trang Nguyen, founder and director of WildAct. They also participate in lively interactive games that helped them grasp key elements of the conservation sector.  

Ms. Trang Nguyen shared her journey of nature conservation

We also look forward to receiving support from the parents of the students at Panyaden. We believe that business and social activists can contribute to the conservation of Vietnam's biodiversity by engaging with the pertinent sectors. 

Students expressed their feelings about wild animals

With the community's support and efforts of environmental conservation groups like WildAct, we hope to achieve significant progress in preserving and protecting our natural environment. This is not only our goal but also our pledge to a future in which every individual and organization contributes to the sustainable development of our planet. Together, let's build a clean and green future that our children can inherit and enjoy, complete with a stunning and varied natural environment.