Sprouts of the forest

The campaign calling on the community to join hands to raise 10 scholarships to support education for the sprout of Chu Yang Sin forest

Sprout of the Forest

The campaign calling on the community to join hands to raise 10 scholarships to support education for the sprout of Chu Yang Sin forest.

$789 of $4,000 raised.

Chu Yang Sin National Park (Dak Lak, Viet Nam) is one of Vietnam's largest biodiversity hotspots, yet it faces the threat of illegal wildlife hunting, pushing wild animals to the brink of extinction. To combat this, Chu Yang Sin National Park's Forest Ranger and Specialized Forest Protection Forces are intensively working. 

However, their work's limited benefits and challenging nature have placed indescribable burdens on their shoulders.

When the forest's protectors cannot protect their families.

90% of Chu Yang Sin National Park's Forest Ranger and Specialized Forest Protection Forces are the primary breadwinners in their families. Despite the limited budget for their roles, they face a choice between a prosperous family and the noble ideal of protecting the forest. Their dedication remains firm, often at the cost of precious time with family.

A is a child with hyperactivity autism, but his family does not have the finances to send him to specialised intervention learning for children with special needs.

In the buffer zone of Chu Yang Sin National Park, WildAct visited several families of Forest Ranger, Specialized Forest Protection Forces, and the Community Conservation Team (CCT team). 7 out of 8 families are in extremely difficult circumstances, the forest rangers have children with severe, requiring long-term medical attention.

A typical case is Forest Ranger T.'s family in Lak district. The eldest of Mr. T.'s three children was diagnosed late with hyperactivity autism. Upon recognising the diagnostic signs, Mr. T.'s wife quit her job to care full-time for their child, including medical treatments. They sold their house and land to finance these treatments. The family's current home was provided through the contributions of Mr. T.'s brothers and neighbors. "The day my child could dress himself was the day I shed tears because our years of effort had finally paid off." - shared  Mr. T.'s wife, expressing hope that their child could attend specialised learning programs to manage basic activities.

The lives of rangers are closely tied to the forest, with duty stations operating day and night. For them, being able to come home for 1 week per month is a luxury thing because whenever there is an emergency, such as a forest fire or rescue operation, the rangers must gather immediately and dedicate themselves to patrolling in severe weather conditions. The already limited time with their families is further shortened. Despite their sacrifices, their salaries are only enough to cover their children's subsistence. More than the funds for education and medical care is needed.

It is difficult to express in words the distress and pity for the forest rangers, who, while protecting the life of the green forest, cannot protect the happiness of their families. 

Together with WildAct protecting Sprouts in Chu Yang Sin

Understanding the hash realities faced by the forest rangers, WildAct collaborated with MoMo to launch the crowdfunding campaign "Sprouts of the Forest" to award scholarships to the children of forest rangers, who dedicated to protecting Chu Yang Sin National Park. This initiative aims to motivate and promote rangers’ dedication and responsibility.

These donations symbolise the community’s hopes for the Sprouts to have a great new school year and help alleviate the educational burden of their families. With the community's support, the love of their parents, and their deep affection for the national forests, these children will better understand their parents' ideals and may one day become the next generation of conservationists for our country.

Detailed description

WildAct call on the community to raise funds totaling $4,062 (100,000,000 VND), specifically:

  • Awarding 10 scholarships, each worth 5,000,000 VND to children in particularly challenging circumstances;

  • Awarding 150 gifts, each gift valued at 100,000 VND to celebrate the new school year for children of forest rangers;

  • Supporting educational initiatives to raise awareness and inspire children about nature conservation and biodiversity protection in the region and across Vietnam.

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