500 children and people of Kim Dong parish, Ninh Binh pledged to protect wild birds

Posted on 04.07.2023 | Tag: School and Community

According to the activities within the framework of the project "Protecting migratory birds" carried out from 2021 to present in Ninh Binh, WildAct has coordinated with Kim Dong Parish, Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province to organize a communication event about wild birds to more than 500 children and parishioners in this area.

The sharing session took place in an exciting atmosphere with games of guessing birds through songs, quizzes on knowledge about wild birds. Many gifts were given to encourage the children's spirit as well as attract the children's attention before learning more in-depth knowledge to understand and act to protect wild birds.

Contents about the role of wild birds in the ecosystem, current threats to them and penalties for illegal hunting and trading of wild birds are integrated through videos, games and questions related to the surrounding life so that students can memorize information easily and quickly

At the end of the event, there were:

  • Nearly 500 children signed a pledge to protect wild birds through fingerprinting/signing activities

  • More than 500 brochures with messages to protect wild birds were distributed to a large number of students and parishioners

There are also others gifts given to children through fun quizzes and games with knowledge in brochures and previous sharing to attract and review important information, and create learning and play spaces for children to attend.

Join WildAct and the children of Kim Dong Parish to protect wild birds. WildAct needs your support on this journey.