WildAct representative attended the APEC conference in SAN FRANSISCO, USA

Posted on 17.11.2023 | Tag: Partnership and Development

Proud Director and Founder of WildAct - Trang Nguyen - the only female conservationist from Vietnam participating in the APEC by Vice President Kamala Harris

Founder & Director Dr. Trang Nguyen who is the only conservationist representative presented gender equity movement in Vietnam at the APEC - Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation last week by Vice President Harris. She also involved in a series of panel discussions alongside executives and key stakeholders from The White House, LinkedIn, Visa, Citi, Mastercard, Reckitt, 2X Global, Eko Electricity Distribution Company, Resonance, and the U.S. Department of State.

Dr. Trang Nguyen expressed: "How can we, who work and lead environmental work, encourage young women to join male-dominated sectors where they are at risk for sexual harassment and violence without helping to create safer conditions? Our efforts to do so need to be a priority."

Vice President Harris also announced the launch of the Women in the Sustainable Economy (WISE) Initiative, which aims to bolster women’s economic empowerment globally by expanding access to employment, training, leadership roles, and financial resources in the industries critical to our future and the future of our planet. More than $900 million in commitments by governments, private sector companies, foundations, and civil society will be invested to bolster women’s economic participation in sectors such as clean energy, fisheries, recycling, forest management, and environmental conservation.

Dr. Trang Nguyen attended the APEC (Photo courtesy of The White House)

In Vietnam, since 2019, WildAct has pioneered the implementation of gender equality programs in the conservation industry, focusing specifically on capacity development and reducing gender-based violence. Currently, WildAct is implementing capacity building training for young female conservationists in December. In the future, WildAct will continue to develop and organize many activities and projects related to gender equality, through That creates an equal and safe working environment in the conservation industry in Vietnam.

Through this honorable event, we hope that women working in the environmental field will receive support to promote participation in the conservation industry. Thank you Ms. Chang Hoang Da for connecting and opening up opportunities to create a safe working environment for women in the field of environment - more specifically the conservation industry.