Launching “Sprouts of the Forest” fundraising campaign to support the education of Chu Yang Sin rangers's children.

On May 27, 2024, the Vietnam Wildlife Action Center - WildAct in collaboration with E-Wallet Momo, officially launched the fundraising campaign "Sprouts of the Forest". The campaign call on the community to raise 10 scholarships for the children of forest rangers who are working regardless of day and night, making every effort to protect the Chu Yang Sin National Park. 

Chu Yang Sin National Park (CYSNP) is one of Vietnam's biodiversity hotspots that has to be conserved. However, this location is faced with illegal poaching and hunting of wild animals, and harsh weather increases the risk of forest fires. With a total size of around 60,000 hectares, Chu Yang Sin National Park has around 60,000 hectares with 100 forest rangers, which means that each ranger will be incharged of 600 hectares of forest. The work has made Chu Yang Sin’s rangers always on duty, day and night in a station. For them, family time is precious but when an emergency arises, rangers take the road without hesitation.

The house of ranger T's family in Lak district

When the guardians of the forest are unable to keep their wealthy families safe.

How to strike a balance between their primary source of income and the rising cost of living is one of the key worries forest rangers and their families have. After visiting some families of rangers, specialized forest protection forces, and members of the H'Mong community forest protection patrol team (CCT team) living in Lak district and Krong Bong district, Dak Lak province, WildAct found that family circumstances were still extremely difficult. 7/8 families are in extremely difficult circumstances, the forest rangers have children with fatal diseases and have to constantly be on the run for a long period of time.

Mr Loc Xuan Nghia - Director of Chu Yang Sin National Park, shared: “90% of Chu Yang Sin National Park's Forest Ranger and Specialized Forest Protection Forces are the main source of income in the family”. The nature of their jobs still keeps them from being able to completely care for their families, even though station personnel constantly assist one another in setting up duty schedules to come home.

If unfortunately their child becomes ill, they have to take out a loan to meet their daily expenses and pay for their medical care. There are special cases where forest rangers have children with serious illnesses and  need to seek long-term medical care for their seriously ill children.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang - Director of the Vietnam Wildlife Action Center said: "In the process of working with forest rangers and community investigation groups specializing in protecting forests, we realized that officials here still face many difficulties”.

Child A. is a hyperactive autistic child but his family does not have enough money to send him to intervention for special children.

Participate in WildAct to safeguard Future Sprouts.  

Understanding the feelings of forest rangers, WildAct cooperated with Vi Nhan Ai MoMo to launch the fundraising program "Sprouts of the Forest" with the desire to award scholarships and gifts to welcome the new school year for the forest rangers’s children who are working, devoting their best to protecting Chu Yang Sin national forest, thereby creating motivation and promoting the dedication and sense of responsibility towards their job.

Join hand to raise scholarships to support education for the sprouts of Chu Yang sin forest

WildAct call on the community to join hands to raise funds in the amount of $4,062 (100,000,000 VND), specifically:

  • Awarding 10 scholarships, each worth 5,000,000 VND to 10 especially difficult circumstances;

  • Awarding 150 gifts, each gift equivalent to 100,000 VND to celebrate the new school year for children of forest rangers;

  • Supporting education to raise awareness and inspire children about nature conservation and biodiversity protection in the region and in Vietnam.

These gifts will represent wishes from the community to the children, hoping they will have a great new school year. At the same time these gifts partly help share the burden of their families on the study. And most likely, thanks to the love of the community, the love of their parents and their great love for the national forests, children will better understand their parents' ideal, directing them to become future conservationists for the country.

Forms of support:

  1. Through Vi Nhan Ai MoMo:

Donors, please search for the keyword "Forest Nursery" in the search bar. Then, click the “Donate” button and follow the instructions on the app.

2. Through WildAct bank account: 

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  • The Account name: WILDACT VIET NAM

  • Branch: Techcombank Tower, 191 Ba Trieu, Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Account number: 191 334 519 970 18

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3. Through Paypal: 

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