Take a look at our crowdfunding campaign "Strong and Tough, Ranger"

Chu Yang Sin National Park (CYSNP) is one of Vietnam's biodiversity hotspots that has to be conserved. However, this location is on the verge of becoming an unlawful wild animal hunting zone. Large animals, particularly endangered and unusual species, are targeted for illegal trading. WildAct estimated that for every square kilometer of CYSNP, roughly 7 big and tiny animal traps have been unlawfully set up. This demonstrates the severity of hunting and trapping, which is driving species to extinction and transforming ancient forests into dead ones.

To prevent and safeguard the biodiversity conservation area of Chu Yang Sin National Park, a team of rangers and expert forest protection troops have been quietly working day and night to carry out many campaigns. We will raid and monitor the forest to ensure the safety of this ecological population. To be able to conduct raids and patrols, the team of rangers and specialist forest protection personnel must overcome several challenges. 

The crowdfunding campaign "Strong and tough, ranger" is a campaign launched by WildAct Vietnam with the purpose of calling for support for the rangers at Chu Yang Sin National Park. Through stories and documentaries about the hardships and hidden corners of their work, we hope to make people understand more about the ranger sector as well as creating empathy and sharing from the community.

After 06 months of implementing the crowdfunding campaign "Strong and tough, ranger", we raised over 126 million VND (APX. $5,177.6) from 200 philanthropists, with 34% (43,053,043 VND ~ $1,761.6) coming via the MoMo platform and 66% (83,488,400 VND ~ $3,416) coming from bank transfer.

With over 15,000 organic reaches in total to our campaign posts, WildAct has successfully shared with the Vietnamese public the stories of forest rangers and specialised forces at Chu Yang Sin National Park.

With a total size of around 60,000 hectares, the Chu Yang Sin National Park only has 100 forest rangers, which means that each ranger will be responsible for 600 hectares of forest. This fact demonstrates the enormous demands and challenges that the forces face. Aiming to recognize the efforts and devotion of the Forest Ranger force, the specialized forest protection force, and our Community Conservation Team (CCT) at Chu Yang Sin National Park, WildAct decided to collaborate with the Vietnam National Parks and Nature Reserves Association (VNPPA) and the Chu Yang Sin National Park Management Board to organise the "Guardians of Chu Yang Sin" award for the first time.

The upcoming "The Guardians of Chu Yang Sin'' award will be hosted on March 22, 2024 in Chu Yang Sin National Park, as part of our commitment to support the park’s capacity and welfare. The event promises to be an opportunity for us to honour individuals and teams who have excellent achievements in forest protection and biodiversity of CYSNP. A portion of the funds received through the "Strong and tough, ranger" campaign will be used to hold this year's Awards Ceremony. Hopefully, with this funds, rangers and the specialized forest protection force will be able to purchase better equipment to safeguard their safety, as well as help improve their financial condition.