Pride of Forest guardian

Posted on 08.07.2023 | Tag: Species and Habitat

Forest patrol work has never been easy, even for specialized teams or ranger forces, because they must face various risks and challenges amid the harsh nature. Nonetheless, members of the H’Mong Community Conservation Team (CCT) and rangers at Chu Yang Sin National Park (CYSNP) remain enthusiastic abouttaking daily action for nature conservation and wildlife protection.

The moment of hapiness desipite of the hard mission

Over the last 3 months, members of the CCT and rangers at CYSNP worked tirelessly for over 648 hours patrolling the forest. The team has:

·       Patrolled 285km and covered 150km2 rainforests;

·       Removed 34 illegal camps set up by poachers;

·       Dismantled 1,163 snares, traps,and ammunitions.

No matter how difficult it is for the CCT team and the workers at Chu Yang Sin National Park, they always bear in mind that every animal's life is valuable and therefore ought to be safeguarded. There should be no mercy for the illegal hunting of animals because it disrupts nature's biological balance.

Snares, traps and ammunitions was dismantled

These aforementioned compelling figures demonstrate not only the challenges of conservation work, but also the unwavering efforts of forest rangers, specialized teams, and the local people in Vietnam conservation initiatives.

Let’s support the H’Mong community conservation team and the rangers of Chu Yang Sin National Park: